Isolation at it’s finest

I know everyone else is going through the same things right now.  Uncertainty, confusion, isolation, maybe fear, loneliness.   It’s a different world out there.  I am trying to find some humor in the fact that we have been working with our doors locked for a week now, haven’t been able to go out to eat or drink or hang with friends.  It can be tough and I have found out the following things:

- I absolutely feel better when I work out (please don’t tell anyone I said that.)  I am doing what I can at home but it’s sure easy to quit when no one else is around.

- The friends we were going to see in Minneapolis are never inviting us again.  Snow storms the first time and a virus this time.  Pretty sure they think I am a jinx (and I actually know they think this because I was told so by them😜)

-  A person can only clean so many freezers, closets, pantry’s, drawers in a weekend without going bonkers.  I did however find out that we will not starve.  Who in their right mind needs 16 cans of gre…

Mexico or IKEA??

As I am sitting here writing this, I am suppose to be on a beach in Mexico.  Instead I am on my couch making a list for IKEA.

Our all inclusive trip was cancelled due to the Corona Virus (pretty ironic isn’t it since I would be drinking a CORONA).  I decided we still need a few days away but since we can’t seem to fly anywhere (or buy toilet paper 🧻) we are heading to Minneapolis/St Paul for 2 days.

Mind you, neither of us has been to IKEA so I am excited and Scott wants to know if he can bring a cooler of beer and try out bar sets while I am shopping.  Pretty sure they would frown on that.

Sooooo. Sitting here a few days after I wrote that and again our mini-vacation is cancelled.  It sure is an uncertain time for everyone and I don’t mind staying safe and making sure everyone is safe and healthy as well.  I just find it humorous that I have tried to go away for a weekend 3 times to shop at IKEA and still have not been there.  I might pee myself when I do get to go. (And that’ll b…

40 plus years of friendship

I recently had a weekend with friends I have known since I was 10 years old.  We hadn’t all been together for 13 years.  Holy Cow!  We sure can’t wait that long again.

We were missing a few because life happens but hopefully they can join us next time.

You sometimes wonder if you will have anything to talk about after all these years and BOOM.... Everyone is talking at once and no one can get all the words in.  It was like we were never apart.  

Things I learned or things that came back to me:
- No matter how long it’s been, these are the people that will remember every stupid thing you ever did in your past and help you laugh about it. 😱😱😱😱
- I learned how to make my eyebrows show up and not look like I am surprised to see everyone.  πŸ˜§πŸ˜§πŸ˜§
- I learned that we all have things about ourselves we don’t like but it’s not a bad thing.
- We all have friends that come into our lives at different times but there is something about those friends that knew you during those awkward years.  

So I figured I should get back at it and let you know how weeks 3 through 8 of the GET FIT CHALLENGE went!

Here is what I thought would happen:
- I would come out after 8 weeks in the best shape of my life (sadly I probably am)
- I would no longer sweat and could walk out looking like one of the Housewives of California or whatever state they are living in now.
- I would all of a sudden have arms like that gal in the movie Terminator.
- I would be able to do a full 5k without being lapped by 75 year old’s. (True story from last year.)

Here is what actually happened:
- I still sweat and pant like a dog.
- Burpees are not as fun as one might think.
- My arms still wave by themselves.
- I tried to be an overachiever and work out at home.  I ended up with a rib out and muscle spasms so bad I couldn’t breath.  A trip to the ER, shot of morphine and a muscle relaxer I got 19 hours of sleep and felt great.

All in all quite the experience.  I didn’t lose weight but I did lose 10 inches.  I also reenlist…

How did this happen?’

 So all of a sudden I am fifty PLUS - and out of shape and I suppose what you could call squishy.  I always think I look okay until I see pictures and I wonder - what happened.

I  decided it was time I did something.  Mind you, I HATE exercising and I HATE sweating.  I tried the couch method but found I don’t lose much sitting binge watching Netflix and drinking wine.  I could get quite a few steps though on my FitBit walking to the kitchen for more wine (until I got tired and moved the bottle to the end table.).

So I started THE GET FIT CHALLENGE a local business started.  Hmmmm. I can  do this.  

Here is a recap of my “experience”

Week One!
Went to get signed up.  Found out I am an overachiever!!  My weight is off the charts (which I guess isn’t as good as it sounds)😣😣 And it would be perfect if I was 12 inches taller.   SOOOOOO. I went the next morning at 6am to start the challenge.  It didn’t kill me so I did it again 2 days later!

Ps...  I was told wine was OK in moderation.  What e…